Freewill Shakespeare Festival 2016 | Edmonton Theatre Photographer

As the Freewill Shakespeare Festival goes into it’s closing weekend, I thought I would share some of the photography I’ve taken throughout the contract. I’m so grateful to the entire cast and crew for being open to this photographic journey from day one.

FreewillBlog2 copy.jpg


 Here’s my make shift studio (in the gentleman’s washroom).


Elena and Clinton Maternity | Edmonton Maternity Photographer

Yesterday was wee little beautiful Penelope’s due date, but she was just SO excited to meet her parents she came a little earlier. I’m so pleased we were able to get these photos done with lots of time to spare. This is the beginning of a very wonderful journey for my dear friends Clinton and Elena, with their wonderful little ‘cute as a button’ girl. Here’s a glimpse at that brief moment when Penelope was growing inside her mother’s body, with every passing week, she was a new… slightly larger vegetable and/or fruit…


Claire Maternity | Edmonton Maternity Prenatal Photographer

For the past 287 (or so) days, I’ve been witness to an incredible journey.

Today is our due date and while this little boy or girl has decided to arrive fashionably late… 

I couldn’t be more excited for whichever day our baby plans is the best for it’s birthday.


My wife is incredible. Women are incredible. Humans (can be) incredible.


I am so in awe of my wife and the little life she has been creating inside her body.


I’ve learned a lot these past 40 weeks, and I know this is just preparation for a re-definition in learning,

but one of the biggest things I’ve learned during this time is that

the only appropriate thing to say to pregnant woman… at any stage of the pregnancy is: 

You look absolutely fantastic’

…or anything within that world of praise, because no matter what, they do.


When my wife and I were in New York this past spring, 

we were walking around the east village in search of the best ‘gluten free’ New York Bagel. 

As we headed down a less crowded street we passed a middle aged working class man, 

the type you’d expect to whistle at women as they passed him working construction on the street. 

As we passed, the man stopped and turned around exclaiming in a very thick Brooklyn accent:


Mad props! Mad Props! You’ve got a beautiful wife, you’re going to have a beautiful baby! Mad Props!’ 


This moment was the highlight of my time in New York… without one shred of doubt.


I’m so very excited for a plethora of highlights to come… 


Now, enjoy the incredible journey my wife has been on, witness as she grows, beams, and radiates… creating life inside her body. 


Baby Alexis Cake Smash | Edmonton Cake Smash Photographer

It’s cake smashing time! Lovely little baby Alexis just turned one today and just a few days ago we had this wonderful little cake smash party for her. She got pretty focused on that lump of sugar in front of her. I love how at the end of the ‘massacre’ the white backdrop looked like a Jackson Pollock painting. Happy first birthday Alexis! You are the cutest!






Kallie's Makeover/Portrait Contest Session | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to share a few more shots from contest session I had earlier this summer. Funny story, I actually had zero plans to do a makeover session, but Michael Berard over at Pose Hair dt contacted me during a headshot contest promo I was doing on facebook and offered up the brilliant talents of himself and HaeJin Chang for the contest, so I thought ‘Heck, I should just do another one!’ 

And here we are! Here’s just a few of the wonderful portraits we all created that day. 

Stylist: Michael Berard - Pose Hair dt
Makeup: HaeJin Chang - Pose Hair dt 



Freewill Shakespeare Festival | Edmonton Theatre Photographer

This summer, Shakespeare in the Park returns to Hawrelak Park with As You Like It and Coriolanus.

I’m very grateful to be joining the Freewill Shakespeare Festival this year and cannot wait to open both shows this coming week.


Be sure to come out and support this fantastic festival, if you’ve never been, it’s a treat to see Shakespeare in mother natures backyard.

Here’s some moments I stole during the rehearsal process, from our rehearsal hall at the University of Alberta to our shift into the park.

The group of artists involved in the festival this year is unreal, so many great people, so many friends!

Buy your tickets now! Click here!



Lauren Koehn | Edmonton Fashion Photographer

Almost three years ago,
when my DIY studio was about one month old,
I got together with some good pals…

sourced out an awesome model and had a killer (albeit chilly) day snapping some shots and making some jokes.

Since then, life has gotten in the way, as it always does and we just finally got together for the second time. 


Super fun ensued. 


I rarely get to play in the fashion/beauty world of things,

but I always think if I get more serious into photography

(acting is currently on the top of my career plate)

that this would be the road I’d want to head down.

I absolutely love working with a team.


While I was doing Nevermore in New York,

and experiencing Bretta Gerecke’s lighting design on a nightly bases,

I’ve been want to play with pink and blue side lighting….

and since that moment, I’ve been seeing the blue and pink side lighting pop up into a lot of fashion stuff in magazines.

I’m so thrilled I was able to finally play with those gels… I’ve stayed away from gels since now, but I’m loving what they can add.



Be sure to watch THIS VIDEO I MADE ABOUT THE SHOOT, funny story about that….I was showing a few images to Lauren just on the back of my camera. I started flipping through them quickly and she mentioned that was her favourite thing in shoots… to see all the images fly by really quickly in a sort of stop motion way…. animating the shots. I couldn’t resist throwing together a video with every single picture I took that day. Have a watch, it’s super cool! 

Model - Lauren Koehn from Mode Models
Stylist - Amy Laing from Ponytail and Horseshoes
Makeup - Jane Holowchuck from Ponytail and Horseshoes
Photography, Editing, Dad Jokes - Ryan Parker 


The Roxy Theatre

This past September I took some promo shots for Fatboy at the Roxy Theatre.
I’ve compiled some images from that shoot in black and white, some test shots, some just seconds from the shoot.
I was in pure denial when I heard it had crumbled to the ground earlier this week.
My heart goes out to everyone at Theatre Network for this shattering loss.

And while the Roxy was only a space, it felt like our space, this is where so many theatre artists of my generation started their careers. It truly was a place to Network. It felt like home and I have memories of it like I would of my first childhood home. I’m most sad that more memories couldn’t be made in this building before it’s demise, I’m sad that the future generations of theatre artist’s won’t know this space… but I’m glad it will forever live on in the thousands of stories onstage and offstage it harboured. 

And from the ashes, a phoenix will rise….

Please consider donating to Theatre Network: Donate Now To Theatre Network!




























The Macklons | Edmonton Family Photographer

I’m putting all my cards on the table right off the bat here, I absolutely love my sister. I worshipped the ground she walked on when I was younger and while perhaps worshipping may go a little too far in my adult years, I respect her more than words can say. Her family! This is her family! Meet Mike, her perfect match, a totally down to earth lovable guy. Danika her eldest daughter, the life of ANY and EVERY party, brilliant, intelligent and tons of energy. And Maya her youngest daughter who has a better understanding of comedy than I did in my 20’s… seriously, watch out… she. is. hilarious. 


Being an Uncle is pretty fantastic with nieces like this…. and being a brother is pretty amazing when you have a sister like Becky. She’s really actually the best and her husband is awesome. I mean, what more could I ask for?



D'dance Glass Studio Visit | Editorial Photography

This September my wife had the opportunity to spend three weeks out at The Haven on Gabriola Island doing an Artist Residency. I went out there to visit, take pictures of the beautiful surrondings and pick her up. I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon watching Dirk Huysman and Mary Ann Richards of ‘D’dance Glass’ blow glass in their studio. Dirk and Mary Ann also happen to be my talented wife’s talented Uncle and Aunt. They’ve been working with glass for seventeen years and moved out to Gabriola to pursue their dreams. Dirk and Mary Ann really inspired me during this trip. Of course I was in awe of how the glass was made, the art and the science of it. But most of all, I was in awe and inspired by how they worked together. It’s the best kind of relationship, it’s artistic, it’s creative, it’s love. I look up to them and I can only hope that 10-20-30 years down the road my relationship with my wife is as strong as theirs.