Guy Bourdin Shoot | Edmonton Fashion Photographer

Guy Bourdin is a name that some of you may know, and many more of you most likely do not. He was born in Paris, France and after picking up his first camera as a cadet in the French Air Force; he pursed his passion and became a fashion photographer in the mid-century. In my knowledge, he had a very hard life, with rumors of treating his models with cruelty … but, his talent was huge and while he wasn’t known as well in his time as say, Helmut Newton, he set the stage for a new style in fashion photography. A style that in it’s day was highly provocative. He was one of the first fashion photographers to introduce a narrative into the images, sometimes (and almost always) sinister, exotic, full of violence and sexuality. Since his death in 1991, he has been hailed as one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time.

On a very cold afternoon in November, I had the opportunity to pay tribute to Guy Bourdin with Calvin Alexander, Amanda Naywoski and Yanna Lorence. I met Calvin over a year ago when he was hired by my client to do makeup for a portrait session I was shooting. A month ago he approached me about the shoot, explained the concept and I was totally in. We had an absolute blast and I’m looking forward to more collaboration’s down the road.

Below you’ll find the images we produced, along with the original images, which inspired us. The first two, are simply portraits to show off the Makeup and Hair.

Makeup: Calvin Alexander
Hair: Yanna Lorence
Models: Calvin Alexander and Amanda Naywoski
Photographer: Ryan Parker


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