Baby Rose | Edmonton Baby Photographer | Cake Smash

I was thrilled to get an message from my good friend Jennifer last month asking to do a cake smash for her little baby niece Rose. Jennifer first told me about cake smashes (I know what kind of photographer am I?!?!) back in the spring during a headshot session we had together. She said they were all the rage down in L.A. and mentioned booking one for her niece on her first birthday. I was so happy she followed through with that! Meeting Rose was an absolute hoot, and with the help of Grandma and Auntie we had her smiling and dancing along to the music (remind me to video these sessions, too cute!!!).

Rose was very conscious and considerate in not making a mess whilst taste-testing her birthday cake. I expect she will grow to be a very clean and proper little lady.

Happy Birthday Rose!!!! Look at that smile!

Baby Rose Blog.jpg

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