The Macleod Boys | Edmonton Child Photographer

My cousin Karli is the mother to three wonderful boys. Three fantastic little balls of energy. Three boys. Three boys between the ages of 6 and 2. THREE. In the eyes of her older cousin, who has trouble with a whining cat (yes I’m referring to myself), my little cousin Karli is one of my heroes.

When I hear the words loving, compassionate, and strong I think of my cousin Karli. She is a wonderful mother. I will never be a mother (I know!! it’s a bit of a newsflash, and I won’t be surprised if me saying that get’s this little blog picked up by Huffington Post…) but if I was, I would be looking to Karli for guidance, and I can’t wait to watch these little boys grow up and fully realize how wonderful their mother is. Of course they know it now… but coming from a son (that’s me), the full depth of that knowledge can’t be fully realized at such a young age.

Of course, these three boys have a wonderful Father as well and I could talk about Gray and how amazing he is with the boys as well, but this blog post is just for mommy. Sorry Gray :)

Thank you Karli, for bringing Gavyn, Karter and Graedyn into the world. They are precious, hilarious, very individual little men and FANTASTIC brothers.

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