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After our Wedding, my wife and I took a ten day adventure to Italy.

For both of us it was the very first time we:
- stepped on Italian soil
- drank Italian Wine on Italian soil
- ate Italian Food on Italian soil
- rented and drove a car on Italian concrete/gravel (that was only me)
- rode in a Gondola in Italian water
- witnessed the perfection of Michelangelo’s David with the naked eye
- and so much more

Not only did I lug around my DSLR everywhere we went, I also brought along my Hasselblad 500 and my Yashica T4.
These two cameras produced some of my favourite images from the trip.

This is a small selection of 35mm film selections from my Yashica T4, most are from Venice, the first one of me is from the little town of Cortona.


Now onto the Hasselblad, this next series was taken in Venice, however, the last image of my wife, was taken on the steps of the town square in Cortona.


And finally, the last series of film was also taken with my Hasselblad, they are all images of our villa in Tuscany. We had the great pleasure of staying for seven days at the Borgo Di Vagil, just outside Cortona. The place was absolute magic…. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


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