One Year Anniversary | Edmonton Headshot Photographer

About a year ago, I woke up on a beautiful late summer morning, put on a crappy pair of jeans and the worst long sleeved shirt I owned, strapped on a dust mask, and headed into our garage. This garage, for the last 20 odd years had served as a storage container, or as I liked to call it…. “a half way house to the local dump.” Before it’s demise, for many years it served as a pottery studio for my in-laws. They would throw, glaze and fire their pots within the creative walls of this little detached double-car garage; even transforming it to a shop for their bi-annual sales. I had just finished an inspiring week long photography intensive in New Mexico at the Santa Fe Workshops, and I was determined to set up a studio of my own so I could continue practicing and experimenting… the garage was the perfect space.

After a full week of hard labour, lots of paint, some excellent advice from family and friends… and forty tons of my own personal sweat, I had my very first, humble studio.

And then… I started to play.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my little make shift garage studio, here is a culmination of work that it has helped me produce in it’s first year of birth. I’m so very proud of my little baby studio, and how it has helped me to explore light and shadow; how it has encouraged me to have wonderful conversations, and a thousand laughs with so many beautiful souls. It has helped me to connect with new friends and reconnect with old friends.

My gift to you, my little humble studio, is a selection of the souls you’ve had the pleasure of embracing.
Here’s to you, and many more beautiful moments.

1 Year Anniversaryfinal.jpg

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