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Claire Uhlick is the current Artist in Residence at the Youth Empowerment & Support Services (YESS) and this coming May 6th to 16th an Art Show and Sale titled ‘Breaking Illusions’ will be up at the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts featuring artwork created by her and the high risk youth she has been working with at YESS over the last six months.

I have the luxury of knowing a bit more about Claire, because she’s also my wife, but I’m trying to keep that separate to this blog post, just so the post doesn’t start to be a ‘my wife is the best’ blog post…. although, I’m fine with it just being that…. because she is in fact, the best.

*Er, ahem*

Claire started her residency with YESS back in 2012, however this has not been a continual contract, in my understanding, they liked her so much the first time (a six month contract), they found money to bring her back for a second time (a full year contract). ‘Breaking Illusions’ is the first of two art shows that will happen during her residency; the next being at the end of her contract in October 2014.

While the show features the body of work she has been currently producing and exploring at YESS, it also features work that Claire has helped the youth at YESS create. These are youth between the ages of 15 and 21, who are facing difficult realities; some are homeless, some are struggling with addictions and all are facing or have faced a hard life so far. For Claire, the residency has been and continues to be a very challenging and highly rewarding experience; it’s been amazing to watch her grow day by day.

Here are a few images of Claire and her work in her studio/office at YESS. Please make an effort to stop in at the Nina Haggerty on May 16th for the closing reception. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork, you may not want to wait until the closing reception, at the last show the youth’s art sold out in a matter of hours… so drop in earlier. The youth work with Claire to price their own pieces, and once the sale is done, 100 percent of the ‘youth-art profits’ go directly to the hands that made the piece of art. So, if you buy a piece of art made by one of the youth for $40.00, that artist will receive $40.00… and that’s pretty awesome. So, show up, support this wonderful show and buy their art!

I fall more in love with Claire every passing day, I’m so proud of her recent work, and I can tell that she is too…


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