Nana's 80th

Today is a very special day; my Nana is turning 80 years old.

There are very few in the world that I hold as dear to me as my Nana. She is the strongest woman I know and the sweetest most generous human in the world… that’s not an overstatement…. if you know her, you know it’s the truth. I’ve had the very fortunate chance to spend my entire life with my Nana and Papa very close by, and along with my parents, they have been extremely influential in guiding me and helping me become the man I am today. This past weekend we celebrated her 80th year with a backyard party and camp over…. complete with a movie under the stars (and just wait until you see how my uncles hung the screen)! We were all reminded of how our little family is continuing to grow and grow. 60 years ago, it was just my Nana and Papa…. now our family reaches into and soon past the 60’s.

Just to let know how hip my 80 year old Nana is…. she is an avid Facebooker, she was on Instagram before I even was and her favorite drink of choice is scotch. My Nana grew up through World War II, when she was young the radio was her form of entertainment, and she now avidly uses an iPad. What an amazing thing, she’s seen so many amazing things! She is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Family is everything to my Nana and that love spreads through to all of us and makes us all better people. My Nana is a constant pillar in our family… and I love her dearly. Constance (Connie) Isabelle Parker, here is to you!

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