Anna-Maria and Paul | Edmonton Maternity Photography

I’ve known Anna-Maria and Paul for quite some time. My wife and I know them as the cute couple we always run into in random places; at the restaurant… they are the couple sitting at the next table on the way to the same concert, or in the food court during the winter shopping season, we are both eating gluten free New York Fries, we always stop and chat and have great fun talks which include the newest gluten free place to eat… a little while back my wife actually turned to me while we were walking somewhere and said, “you know who we haven’t run into lately?” …. Yes, I did know, it’s Anna-Maria and Paul… now I know why…

I was flabbergasted when I was contacted to do a Maternity Session with them…. as that was my introduction to the idea that they would be bringing a new life into the world…. I was elated and sent back a very enthusiastic “YES! Please! When! And Yay” email.

The session was an absolute hoot and I’m so happy to share a few of the shots.


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