Re-visiting Nevermore | A Nostalgic Look Back

The first professional acting contract I landed after graduating from University was Catalyst Theatre’s Nevermore; the Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe. That point in life was the incarnation of a lot of big things for me; during the first installment of the contract I was diagnosed allergic to gluten, I met the woman I eventually would fall in love with and marry, and I started to dive further into my passion of photography… and take it seriously.

I fully believe that, being surrounded by the creative imagery of Nevermore, and the amazing places we travelled to, immensely helped me in my photographic journey.

I’ve culminated some images taken during the different stages of that journey. Upon viewing these, I invite you to look through my younger eyes. It’s been over two years and I’ve grown in ways that I’ve always dreamed, and in other ways I never wanted to. I’ve experienced the euphoric highs of love and life, and I’ve witnessed the realities and ultimate pains of sorrow and death. In short, I’ve grown up a little and to me, these images are nostalgic; they pull at me… and they make me very excited to join the adventure once more.

For information on how to purchase tickets for the upcoming run in Edmonton, Vernon or Vancouver visit the Catalyst website.

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