The Frequency of Water | Edmonton Studio Photographer

A week ago I was contacted about the possibility of doing a last minute shoot… Local thespians, Marilyn Ryan and Dave Horak are currently in rehearsals for the 2006 Sterling Awarding winner for new play, Carol Murray-Gilchrist’s The Frequency of Water and they tasked me with the challenge of capturing some images of water being splashed on Dave’s face.

I was totally in, not just because I’ve been really interested in attempting some high-speed sync shots with liquids, but doubly because of the idea of getting to witness bucket loads of water being poored and splashed on Dave’s mug (we go WAY back). I mean seriously, that’s just awesome.

So, for the next couple of days, I set up some ‘practice shoots’ in my kitchen/living room and with the help of my loving wife, I tested things to see what would give the best results.

NOTE: I did not splash water on my wife’s face, instead I asked her to poor water from a pitcher to a bowl, wave her hands really fast… and for kicks… did a little shaky face…. I’m keeping these on file for blackmail. Smiley Face with a wink. (I don’t know how to make those little cartoon faces… so I think I’m just going to type them out… to help with tone. Thumbs up)

The shoot was hilariously awesome, Dave went through four shirts and was a true champ the entire time. I’m super jazzed by the images we achieved and I’m really looking forward to experimenting more with this style of shooting.

The Frequency of Water runs at the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns from January 17th-26th, tickets are on sale now, and if you click the title of the play anywhere in this blog, you can buy the tickets online. It’s definitely not to be missed!


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