Mat Hulshof Portrait Session | Edmonton Portrait Photographer

My man Mat is a top-notch guy. He’s a local actor and just had an incredible season here in Edmonton.  He’s also a very regular instagramer and throughout the course of the week, I’m continually updated on what he is doing, how he is feeling and what he looks like. He is the master of the selfie and has over 5000 followers on instagram. I had a fun, almost cliché idea for a portrait of him and so I asked him if we wanted to come in and play for a bit… do a portrait, then do some fashion stuff (he’s also high into Fashion and has a plethora of oustanding outfits). He was game, and like that, we were hanging out, drinking coffee (which he provided… thank you very much MAT!) and laughing about all the crazy things our creative lives involve… and don’t involve. :)

Hope you enjoy the shots! This guy could SO be a model, and you just might see more of him through my lens…. but until then…


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