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I just finished a really special contract, with a fantastic group of people. Typically, I’m not the type to get post show blues, or remorse over the closing of a show. One of the things I love about being an actor is the contract work. I do a show, and inevitably it will end. Some shows are akin to the Edmonton winter, where it never feels like it’s going to end, and others fall more towards the Edmonton summer, they are over too soon. But from the get go, there is an end date and while it’s not something I fixate on, I take solace in that ever approaching completion. 

All that being said, this contract is a hard one to leave behind, it was the perfect storm. A great cast and crew, a great script and a great theatre…. and before it’s gone into the night, I wanted to post some images I took during the last week of the run.

I set up a very modest little studio in the back of our dressing room and during pre-show, intermission and after the curtain… I snapped a few character portraits. Then, for closing, everyone in the cast and crew got a stack of sixteen 4x4 photos (all the characters) wrapped in string with a bow. I rarely do closing night gifts and I also rarely print my own photos… something I’m going to do more of (on both fronts). Here’s to the Citadel Theatre’s One Man, Two Guvnors and a huge group of friends. “Guvnors on tree.”


Photo Credit: Ryan Parker

Costume Design: Cory Sincennes

Theatre: Citadel Theatre

Actors (in order of picture layout):

John Ullyatt

Louise Lambert

Jesse Gervais

Lisa Norton

Julien Arnold

Jill Agopsowicz

Cole Humeny

Glen Nelson

Orville Charles Cameron

Andrew MacDonald-Smith

Mat Busby

 Mandy Stewart

Ryan Parker

Sheldon Elter

Scott Shpeley

Bob Rasko


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