D'dance Glass Studio Visit | Editorial Photography

This September my wife had the opportunity to spend three weeks out at The Haven on Gabriola Island doing an Artist Residency. I went out there to visit, take pictures of the beautiful surrondings and pick her up. I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon watching Dirk Huysman and Mary Ann Richards of ‘D’dance Glass’ blow glass in their studio. Dirk and Mary Ann also happen to be my talented wife’s talented Uncle and Aunt. They’ve been working with glass for seventeen years and moved out to Gabriola to pursue their dreams. Dirk and Mary Ann really inspired me during this trip. Of course I was in awe of how the glass was made, the art and the science of it. But most of all, I was in awe and inspired by how they worked together. It’s the best kind of relationship, it’s artistic, it’s creative, it’s love. I look up to them and I can only hope that 10-20-30 years down the road my relationship with my wife is as strong as theirs.


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