The Portas Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

Okay, I have to say, this was such a fun shoot! Lee and Greg Portas were winners of a headshot session I provided to Rapid Fire Theatre for one of their silent auction fundraisers. When they first contacted me, they were curious if they could split that session into getting two portraits of their daughters Brynn and Magda and I, of course accepted. I figured if their daughters were coming then they might as well get a group shot. Recently, for my sessions with kids, I’ve been offering a ‘just for them’ portion of the shoot… which can be used as a bit of a carrot for the kids if their not super keen on getting a portrait. It’s a shot or two that’s just for them, if they like Karate they can get in their Karate clothes and jump, or if they like dressing up like a princess or Batman…. you get the idea. It’s become one of my favourite things. I was SO happy to see that Brynn and Magda were avid skateboarders…. Brynn, also brought a pogo stick!


It was such a hoot. I absolutely fell in love with Brynn and Magda and so did my wife while she watched the photos load onto my computer later that day.

Lee and Greg are owners of Frisbee Studio ‘graphic design and communication group’. They live, love and work together…. and I can see that connection reflected in the love and joy of their two wonderful ADORABLE daughters Brynn and Magda.


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