Oh Susanna Finale | Edmonton Theatre Photographer

It’s been one year since Susanna Patchouli took to the Varscona stage for her last hurrah, which I was lucky enough to be at. To celebrate the first year of her retirement, I’ve made a little blog post of images from her finale.


For me Oh Susanna was crucial in helping me develop myself as an artist. It’s on the Varscona stage, at many a late night Oh Susanna’s, that The Be Arthurs were able to perform and build our audience and repertoire. I’m currently performing with The Be Arthurs (as the Craze) on the Shoctor stage in the Citadel Theatre’s One Man, Two Guvnors… and I cannot help but think if it wasn’t for launching pads like Oh Susanna, we would never be where we are today. 


I miss the fear of just learning a song two days before and huddling in the basement for the entire show rehearsing it….. wishing that time would slow down but also praying it would speed up so we could be over and done with it. I miss the packed Varscona theatre, the smell of sandwiches and BOOZE! The entire audience chanting along with Susanna “Because I don’t want to go to jail dressed like this!!” and “The Game! The Game!” I miss the crowd giving audible gasps or laughs when they realize what song we decided to cover… and I miss the many fantastic conversations, jokes had in the backstage of the Varscona…. before, during and after. 


Not many of you may know, but the tradition of Oh Susanna has been carried on by a new generation of Teatro Ensemble members. I encourage you all to go and laugh your but off at ‘That’s Terrific’. It’s not just terrific… it’s fantastic! Their season just started, the first show was last week (sorry, you missed it) but there are many more this coming year! 

Here’s to the one and only Susanna Patchouli and all that helped her succeed!



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