Fatboy | Edmonton Theatre Photographer

Stop what you’re doing. What are you doing? If it’s not important, then stop… if you’re driving or doing open-heart surgery… PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE/DESKTOP and focus on the road/heart. Okay, now that we’re all settled and the people have left that shouldn’t be here, go to this link HERE  and get tickets for FATBOY because you do NOT want to miss this show.

I had the extreme honor of doing some promotion shots for Edmonton Actors Theatre and their production of FATBOY opening September 18th at the Roxy Theatre as a part of Theatre Network’s Performance series.

The concept of the shoot was thought up by the shows director, Dave Horak… he wanted to capture the beauty of the rundown-ness of the Roxy’s backstage and allow that to help bring out the broken down quailites of the characters in the play.

I absolutely love shooting pictures backstage in theatres. They have grotesque, messy cave-like qualities. If I was a paint room, I’d want to look like I exploded gallons of paint everywhere… it shows I’m useful and used often and people need me. For someone a little O.C.D. sure, yes, a clean minimal shot of an iMac on a desk in a sunlit studio apartment hits me in the right places… I think, “Oh, I want to go to there.” “How clean.” “How perfect!” But do those places exist? I mean, seriously give me a few seconds to start working at that desk and it would quickly become messy, I’d have to shut the blinds so the sun wasn’t messing up my screen/color and gamut and I would have transformed that beautiful wide open minimalistic world into a cave with important things I need, or can’t be bothered to put away… scattered all around the place. Words from Albert Einstein: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign of?”  So, I go back to the messy cave-like qualities of the backstage in so many theatre’s, theatre’s that spawn some of the most inspiring and remarkable art and I believe there’s a link… also, they are beautiful, I mean look at all the textures and colors in that paint room!



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