Claire Maternity | Edmonton Maternity Prenatal Photographer

For the past 287 (or so) days, I’ve been witness to an incredible journey.

Today is our due date and while this little boy or girl has decided to arrive fashionably late… 

I couldn’t be more excited for whichever day our baby plans is the best for it’s birthday.


My wife is incredible. Women are incredible. Humans (can be) incredible.


I am so in awe of my wife and the little life she has been creating inside her body.


I’ve learned a lot these past 40 weeks, and I know this is just preparation for a re-definition in learning,

but one of the biggest things I’ve learned during this time is that

the only appropriate thing to say to pregnant woman… at any stage of the pregnancy is: 

You look absolutely fantastic’

…or anything within that world of praise, because no matter what, they do.


When my wife and I were in New York this past spring, 

we were walking around the east village in search of the best ‘gluten free’ New York Bagel. 

As we headed down a less crowded street we passed a middle aged working class man, 

the type you’d expect to whistle at women as they passed him working construction on the street. 

As we passed, the man stopped and turned around exclaiming in a very thick Brooklyn accent:


Mad props! Mad Props! You’ve got a beautiful wife, you’re going to have a beautiful baby! Mad Props!’ 


This moment was the highlight of my time in New York… without one shred of doubt.


I’m so very excited for a plethora of highlights to come… 


Now, enjoy the incredible journey my wife has been on, witness as she grows, beams, and radiates… creating life inside her body. 


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