Lauren Koehn | Edmonton Fashion Photographer

Almost three years ago,
when my DIY studio was about one month old,
I got together with some good pals…

sourced out an awesome model and had a killer (albeit chilly) day snapping some shots and making some jokes.

Since then, life has gotten in the way, as it always does and we just finally got together for the second time. 


Super fun ensued. 


I rarely get to play in the fashion/beauty world of things,

but I always think if I get more serious into photography

(acting is currently on the top of my career plate)

that this would be the road I’d want to head down.

I absolutely love working with a team.


While I was doing Nevermore in New York,

and experiencing Bretta Gerecke’s lighting design on a nightly bases,

I’ve been want to play with pink and blue side lighting….

and since that moment, I’ve been seeing the blue and pink side lighting pop up into a lot of fashion stuff in magazines.

I’m so thrilled I was able to finally play with those gels… I’ve stayed away from gels since now, but I’m loving what they can add.



Be sure to watch THIS VIDEO I MADE ABOUT THE SHOOT, funny story about that….I was showing a few images to Lauren just on the back of my camera. I started flipping through them quickly and she mentioned that was her favourite thing in shoots… to see all the images fly by really quickly in a sort of stop motion way…. animating the shots. I couldn’t resist throwing together a video with every single picture I took that day. Have a watch, it’s super cool! 

Model - Lauren Koehn from Mode Models
Stylist - Amy Laing from Ponytail and Horseshoes
Makeup - Jane Holowchuck from Ponytail and Horseshoes
Photography, Editing, Dad Jokes - Ryan Parker 


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